10 Reasons To Buy Windows Phone 7

So, yesterday we mentioned about a news wherein I told you about the launch of Windows Phone 7 and therein I told you lots of features for that OS developed by Microsoft. Apart form this I also Mentioned about different mobile manufacturers who will be accompanying this OS for the future production of their models.

In this post I will be telling about all the best features which have been analyzed in this mobile OS and why can it give a good competition to other mobile OS present in the market in current scenario.

10 Reasons To Buy Windows Phone 7

  • The best part of this OS is that it has been programmed from the scratch. obviously we call it as Windows Phone 7 but that does not mean that it has used the old platform of the Windows Mobile OS. Its fresh and new!!!
  • Unlike the icons which can be seen on any other mobile OS like iOS, Android or Symbian, it consists of tiles which are shortcuts of the applications which are already embedded in the mobile phones.
  • The home-screen can be easily personalized by changing the tiles which are available on the home screen .
  • Another best part is that you can access your camera by just clicking the camera for longer period and then it will by pass the lock enabled on your phone. In other words taking pictures through the phone will be lot easier.
  • The processor used in this Window phone is 1 GHz Snap Dragon Processor AND Direct X9 rendering GPU.
  • Apple does not provide its OS to any other phone, but this will not be same in the case of Windows as many different manufacturers will be making phone with Windows Phone 7 equipped on it.
  • Obviously the search which will enabled on the phone is Bing because this is the core search engine under Microsoft.
  • You can also connect to Xbox live to get the latest updates related to news and simultaneously you can also use Office tools on your mobile phone So, this saves the involvement of a third party application.
  • When you will use your phone for the first time you will realize that the phone will have all the application and utilities under different hubs which can be named a Music and Videos, photos, recent communication and few more.
  • This also has feature of cloud computation which will keep you connected with live.com or I should say that you can make your cell phone ring remotely.

I think I have mentioned enough for you to give preference to this new OS. I am sure that thee type of improvements made by Microsoft will help you to get the better options.

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