10 Cool Things You Get In Windows 7 Than Mac OS X

There are a plenty of reasons why a person should go for windows 7 but the main one is that it is the latest windows has to offer and hence being the latest it is ought to be the most advanced and sought after of all the other operating systems. Still we would like to give you a bit more reasons for why windows 7 is one of the best.


So here are the top 10 reasons why I would like to go for windows 7 rather that any other windows operating platform :

  1. You can get quick access to all your file photos or websites that you use a lot with help of the Jump List feature and Pin feature will enable you to pin programs to the taskbar and just like the way you keep notes you can keep all the things that you need at a place where you can get to it faster.
  2. Manage and open windows easily with help of the Snap feature that means that you can resize and arrange windows easily by just dragging their borders to edge of the screen and instantly arrange two windows side by side or make them full screen.
  3. Search quickly for whatever you need with the Windows Search feature to find a specific file program or an email in a few seconds. All you have to do is type a word or two in the search box given in the start menu.
  4. Easily share files and printers using the HomeGroup feature on all the PCs using the windows 7 platform and it really comes handy when you want to share a printer.
  5. Stay entertained effortlessly with Windows Media Center and easily recordĀ  HDTV, Watch DVD and enjoy online videos. All in one place.
  6. Easily Create and Share movies with Windows Live Essentials that is a collection of free programs puts internet in your hands. Share movies send messages and mails quick and easy.
  7. Connect to networks easily on the go find and connect to Wi-Fi, mobile broadband VPN or dial up networks with just a couple of clicks.
  8. Reduce waiting time and do more as windows 7 is designed to help your PC sleep and resume more quickly. Its easier to put your PC away and get back to it when you’re ready.
  9. Innovate with touch and tap as windows 7 makes PC with touch screen easier and more intuitive to use with Windows Touch as it is designed to work.
  10. Manage devices more easily with device management as you can manage printers, cameras, music players and other devices from a single consistent place.

I hope with all these reasons you will really look forward to getting a hold of windows 7 and get an experience.

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