10 Best Tools, Web Services and Apps For Freelance Writers

Being a freelance writer affords a lot of freedom. You can take your netbook, iPhone or Android anywhere on the planet and as long as you have a connection, you’re able to work. You can be paid by PayPal, giving you access to your money nearly anywhere. You can edit your documents with Google Docs and share them with your clients. Here are ten freeware applications which are perfect for the freelance writer.

1. Open Office [Windows, Mac OS X, Linux]
OpenOffice is an open source document management suite which is perfect for any document editing needs. Writer is used for text documents. Calc is Open Office’s spreadsheet program. Draw is a professional layout program.

2. Google Docs [Web based]

With Google Docs, you can share any of your documents online. It has a spreadsheet program, word processing, a calendar and presentation software. A touch of a few buttons allows you to share your creations with your clients.

3. PayPal [Web based]

PayPal is the standard for many freelance writers. You can send and receive money all over the world and make invoices. You can also send your money to your choice of bank accounts without allowing your clients access to your personal information.

4. 7 Zip [Windows]

Sometimes a writer needs to send several files at once and needs a compression program to do it. This free program offers low loss and a high compression ratio. You can also put powerful encryption on your files so you do not have to worry about unauthorized access.

5. MorgueFile [Web based]

A freelance writer occasionally needs photos to accentuate their work. At Morguefile, you can download photos and include them as long as you are not going to sell the pictures on a standalone basis or claim ownership of the files themselves.

6. Flickr [Web based]

Flickr has thousands of photos available for download. There are very light license agreements on these photos, varying according to the photographer’s wishes. Most of the files are available for personal use.

7. FB Reader [Android]

Download your favorite books to your Android so you can have something to read while waiting for your client’s phone call. This searches through public databases to find the best e-books.

8. YouSendIt [Web based]

Clients occasionally need large files sent to them. This web based application will allow you to upload up to 2GB worth of files. It will then send an email to the recipient, allowing them to download your work directly.

9. iThesaurus [iPhone]

This is a thesaurus program for the iPhone with over 140,000 words. When combined with the iDictionary, it has definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

10. Wikipanion [iPhone]

Search through Wikipedia and Wiktionary on your iPhone. You can bookmark pages, search and resize your fonts. If you frequently come to a page, it will allow you to save your history.

Whether at your PC, Mac, or on the go with your iPhone or Android, there are many applications that can help you get your writing done. Freelance writing with pen and paper is a thing of the past.

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